preserve 87 sea street

the 87seastreet preservation society is committed to sustaining the well-being and longevity of the cape cod house. in 2007, the daughters of sea street—shannan foley, tara warner, alexandra kaloyanides, and elizabeth kaloyanides—demonstrated their commitment to keeping the house in good condition and in the family's hands for another generation by seeding a savings account dedicated to 87 sea street. in the same spirit, we've launched this society as a way for good friends of the house to join us in our efforts to preserve 87 sea street.

in june 2009, for our inaugural project, family and friends painted the ceiling of the front porch, the wall behind it, and the deck chairs. 87seastreet preservation society members raised $528—which covered the cost of the prep work and the paint—and their most remarkable contribution was their hard painting work. to see a before-and-after photo of the porch, click here to see the post from the 87 sea street blog.

for more information about our projects and ways you can help, please contact your local sea street sister.